What is happening?


Just a few miles apart, Aintree University Hospital, the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Broadgreen Hospital and the Liverpool University Dental Hospital have a history of successful partnership working. By working together, we have identified additional ways to improve the quality of services.

At the moment care is not spread equally across the trusts. To ensure that all patients have access to the very best care, wherever they live or are treated, doctors, nurses and health professionals from both trusts think they should work together in single teams.

We have a proposal to join up our separate teams and for them to work together across our hospitals. We also want to bring together health and research to improve patient care.

By maximising the benefits of research, we can give our patients access to cutting edge technologies and treatments and also attract and retain the best staff.

After merger, there would be one trust, responsible for the management of all these hospitals. The proposed name for the new Trust is Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

All the hospitals will keep their existing names, as will our other clinics.

Once merged, which we hope could happen by October 2019, it would make the complex task of bringing teams and services together much easier.

If you have questions, take a look at our frequently asked questions page here...